Yuka Igarashi

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Yuka Igarashi is the web editor in chief of Catapult and the editor in chief of Soft Skull Press.


Cover Photo: Tallulah Pomeroy
A Conversation with Tallulah Pomeroy

“I am happiest when the line is coming straight from inside, or straight from my eyes, and there’s no brain in the way.”

Feb 14, 2017
Cover Photo: A Conversation with the Magpie by Yuka Igarashi
A Conversation with the Magpie

“Something just happens when you write under a name that isn’t your own. It isn’t at all about hiding for me. It’s about freeing.”

Oct 12, 2016
Cover Photo: photo by Babak Salari
Five Questions for Madeleine Thien

“I was thinking of love as a double helix between attraction to the other and attraction to some unarticulated part of ourselves.”

Jun 20, 2016