Cover Photo:  Gabriel Crismariu via Unsplash
What I Imagined Motherhood Would Be, and What It Is

When you give birth to a life, you are also giving birth to a death.

Oct 11, 2018
Cover Photo: Stars Foundation/flickr
How People Live and Pray Between Massacres

“I never knew my not looking like or having the accent of my father’s people would save my life.”

Oct 10, 2018
Cover Photo: photo by Dennis Jarvis/flickr
When Your Mother Country Becomes a Foreign Land

I grew up in the in-between: white, Hispanic, a pigment of mixtures that blended unevenly.

Oct 10, 2018
Cover Photo: My Fathers and Hip-Hop Taught Me About Self-Care as A Black Man by Jesse Bernard
My Fathers and Hip-Hop Taught Me About Self-Care as A Black Man
If cancer and trauma are hereditary, is it not my responsibility to do everything in my power to ensure neither my children nor I have to suffer?
Oct 09, 2018
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15 Minutes with Doug Schultz, A Ballet Class Pianist
Through Doug, I realized, musicians and writers have in common an invaluable quality: We get better as we mature.
Oct 04, 2018
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When Your Immigrant Mother Fights For Your Education—And You Fail
With words, spelled correctly or not, I could say exactly how I felt: like my head was a ball of snakes, like something extraordinary for once.
Oct 01, 2018
Cover Photo: Illustration by Nicole Caputo
The Bereavers at the Crying Competition
The MC introduced each contestant, and at the end, said that that year’s grief counselors in black would like to be called the Bereavers. He mispronounced it as the Beliebers, and the audience laughed, because they are American, and have no idea what Bereaver could mean.
Oct 06, 2018
Cover Photo: Photography by Brian Evans / flickr
The Other Mother
Patti never mentioned her own daughter. I realized she was a little broken too, like the rest of us. She had a tender point she hid from us, from me: the enemies.
Sep 28, 2018
Cover Photo: The Dead and Other Unchosen Things by Andra Nicolescu
The Dead and Other Unchosen Things
We only used this table for special occasions, for Christmas and New Year’s and birthdays. And for the dead.
Sep 14, 2018