Cover Photo: A plate of stroopwafels—wafer-like cookie sandwiches with a thin filling of syrup
Longing for the Netherlands, Stroopwafels, and the Real Thing

We don’t crave the things we’re close to, even if they’ve shaped us into who we are.

Oct 14, 2021
Cover Photo: Screencap via Disney
Confessions of a Little Mermaid

The taste of silence and salt heavy on my tongue.

Cover Photo: An  image of a man walking  surrounded  by birds, books, flowers and other joys
Let Me Show You

oh, how my little joys have saved me

Oct 13, 2021
Cover Photo: This photograph shows a person with silver nail polish looking a tax documents spread out on white floorboards.
Financial Advice for the Freelancer
For our Money Week series, Nicole Dieker answers commonly-asked questions from freelance writers
Sep 15, 2021
Cover Photo: An animated illustration of a person typing on a laptop, seen from outside their window.  Outside the window, against a blue background, large gold coins drop from the sky and accumulate in a small stack.
Why Full-Time Freelancing Isn’t For Me
In the face of dire job prospects, freelancing felt like it might be a solution; a way to be a writer on my own terms.
Oct 12, 2021
Cover Photo: This illustrated gif peeks into someone's window, where we see them typing furiously. On the right side of the image, coins are falling from the top of the image and stacking up. Pens and paper scatter the far right edge of the illustration.
A Freelancer Talks Money and Writing
It’s not what you write that’s meaningful, but the time you spend writing.
Oct 12, 2021
Cover Photo: A photograph of a white clock with black sans serif numbers, hanging on a white wall. The clock's hands are pointed at ten minutes past ten o'clock.
Getting Diagnosed with ADHD Changed Everything and Nothing
The doctor said she knew in the first five minutes. In eighteen years of schooling and thirty-nine years on the planet, no one else had ever noticed.
Oct 07, 2021
Cover Photo: A production still of Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark in the film "Iron Man" (2008). He is wearing a white tank top and holding out his hand, which is encased in a dark red, mechanized metal glove.
Did I Want Tony Stark Or Want to Be Him?
‘Iron Man’ is far from the origin story of my sexuality, but it’s an inescapable part of the multiverse that is my queerness.
Cover Photo: Production still via Freeform/Jonathan Wenk
Your Friend Group Should Look Like the Cast of a Twenty-Something Drama (and Other Myths About Millennial Friendship)
New responsibilities clogged up phone lines and changed what used to be lifelines—how were we supposed to maintain our relationships?
Sep 30, 2021
Cover Photo: An image of a large hawk soaring above the trees while a baby hawk is one the ground.
The Hawk
You are thirteen so, of course, I am convinced I still have some say over you.
Oct 08, 2021
Cover Photo: An illustration of four glamorous and racially-diverse women, shrouded in green smoke
Other Emily
“Commerce!” Emily shouted. “The hoarding and ceding and exchange of power. I see no clearer path into the souls of human people.”
Oct 01, 2021
Cover Photo: An illustration of a young boy holding up a camera, lens turned on women in colorful clothing; behind him, the shadows of their missing sons loom
The Last of the Boys
That’s the problem with photographs, isn’t it? They remind you who is missing.
Sep 24, 2021