Vernon Jordan, III

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Afros in the Future. It gets weird where I am. 


MFA Canidate for Screenwriting,  Brookyln College, '19

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Cover Photo: It is not a Dead Future, it is a Living Art: Afrofuturism for the Artist, for Everyone. by Vernon Jordan, III
Cover Photo: image from "Process" by Kahlil Joseph / Sampah
Cover Photo: In Elephant's Time by Vernon Jordan, III
In Elephant's Time

“So, the city: is it ours?”

Cover Photo: actor Royalty Hightower in Anna Rose Holmer's  "The Fits". Studio:  Yes, Ma'am! / Distribution: Oscilloscope Laboratories
Cover Photo: Ruby Jordan & Vernon Jordan, Sr., circa 1960s
Cover Photo: silk sheets. image from
Cover Photo: Selfie by Me.  Seeing The Force Awakens