Cover Photo: The cover image Chang-Rae Lee's Native Speaker
Detail of cover art for Chang-Rae Lee's 'Native Speaker'/Berkley Books

What Does It Mean to Write Asian American Literature?

In my family, race itself did not exist. If I wanted to be real, I could not experience what was not real.

here is the way to get across that reality is always an interpretation



I am your real sonI want to find my birth parentsI am no longer a member of this family

to be

The Psychology of AdoptionThe Psychology of Adoption

You are not different You are different

The Woman Warriorof courseI doI don’t

double consciousness

to be not

Native Speaker


The Woman Warrior

Bewareof desiremany

Immigrant ActsRace and ResistanceReading Asian American Literature

The Woman Warrior

The Woman Warrior, The Woman Warrior

The Woman Warriorresistancesatisfaction


Native Speaker

in remission. after with

The Woman Warrior


Matthew Salesses was adopted from Korea and is the author of two novels, THE HUNDRED-YEAR FLOOD and I'M NOT SAYING, I'M JUST SAYING, and three books forthcoming: DISAPPEAR DOPPELGÄNGER DISAPPEAR: A NOVEL (Little A, August 2020), CRAFT IN THE REAL WORLD (Catapult Books, January 2021), and an essay collection (Little A, August 2021). In 2015, Buzzfeed named him one of 32 essential Asian American writers. He teaches fiction writing and Asian American literature at Coe College.