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Clemson University Library/flickr

The Writer Is In

“Storytellers came to me looking for connection—which was, of course, the very thing I’d been craving myself.”

Last fall, I was adrift. My debut novel had come out a few months before, and I was enduring a period of novelistic postpartum depression I had been warned about, yet somehow never believed in or prepared for. My day-to-day life had reverted, more or less, to its pre-book state, and I sometimes woke up wondering if that beautiful moment of feeling work and intention crystallize into accomplishment had ever really happened.

Can I get an Instagram of this?How many people would like it?

Someone likes me!Where would I work?

What if I don’t have time to finish revising my own projects? What if I can’t get my schedule to work?What if I’m bad at it? What if no one likes me? What if no one comes?


Adrienne Celt is the author of the novels End of the World House (forthcoming 2022), Invitation to a Bonfire, and The Daughters, as well as the comic chapbook Apocalypse How? An Existential Bestiary. Find her online at or @celtadri.