Cover Photo: This illustration in bright, clashing greens show a huge nose peeking over the horizon, pulling a railway track into its nostrils with a great sniff
Illustration by Leah Silverman for Catapult

The Smell of All Mothers

It was That Smell, that-so-familiar-one that hurt me not to remember where I’d smelled it before.

Ketchup and Tea, Chicken and Pepper Oil, a Distinct Burned Plastic Aroma from the Deli Beneath, Tire and Baby Powder.


I'm a Brooklyn-based writer/crocheter and live with my pet cat and his pet fish. When I'm not pickling things, I'm editing for the viral media publisher (check out our macabre history podcast, History Uncovered, on Spotify). 

You can see my digital work on Town&Country, Women's Health, and Everyday Health. Currently working on an illustrated collection of short stories.