Cover Photo: photo by Emily Mucha/flickr
photo by Emily Mucha/flickr

The Lord’s Supper

“If you let God in and then don’t let him out again, what happens to your body?”

Is the board itself haunted or does my house have to be?

How will you add in any new births from our family? There’s none of us on the list. What will you do with the deaths? Will you write those in, too?

The People Under the StairsThe People Under the Stairs

The Ten Commandments


He’s been slain in the spirit

Kristen Arnett is a fiction and essay writer who has held fellowships at Tin House, Kenyon Review, and Lambda Literary Foundation. She was awarded Ninth Letter's 2015 Literary Award in Fiction and was runner-up for the 2016 Robert Watson Literary Prize at The Greensboro Review. Her work has either appeared or is upcoming at North American Review, The Normal School, OSU's The Journal, Portland Review, Grist Journal, Tin House Flash Fridays/The Guardian, Salon, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. Her debut story collection, Felt in the Jaw, will be published by Split Lip Press in 2017.