Cover Photo: “The Disappearance”: A Novel by Rosa Guy by Michael Gonzales

“The Disappearance”: A Novel by Rosa Guy

“Guy’s novels are like Judy Blume books for black teenagers.”

“Everything Guy did was founded on friendship . . . ”

The Friends

New York Times

The FriendsRubyEdith JacksonRuby

Sula,The Friends

Bird at My Window, New York Times

The Heart of a Woman.Times

The RootThe Friends

Fallen AngelsMonster

The Disappearance

The DisappearanceNew Guys Around the Block,

The Friends,Edith Jackson,

Edith Jackson

The Guardian

Maya Angelou. “Rosa was tall, beautiful, dark-brown and fiery,” said Angelou. “She danced, argued, shouted, laughed with an exciting singleness of mind. We were alike in boldness and fell quickly into a close friendship.”

Bird at My WindowMy Love, My Love: or The Peasant GirlThe Little Mermaid

Once on This Island My Fair LadyCarousel.

NarrativeSchoolhouse RockA Measure of Time

The New York Times

Michael A. Gonzales has written essays and articles for The Village Voice, New York, Pitchfork and Mass Appeal. Co-author of Bring the Noise: A Guide to Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture (1991), he has written music journalism for Newark Bound, Red Bull Academy, The Wire, and Wax Poetics. His short fiction has appeared in Bronx Biannual, Brown Sugar, Black Pulp and Crime Factory. Gonzales is currently finishing his literary New York City hip-hop novel Boom for Real. More information on The Blacklist can be found on Facebook.