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The Bathrobe: On Quilting and Memory

The act of quilting is the transformations of meaning and object.

Don’t throw that away.

It’s just a scrap.

Don’t throw it away.

I won’t.

Where will he go?

I like him in the middle like that


Maybe if we starch it,

Maybe if we only use just very small pieces of it,

Are you afraid of dying?

It’s just a scrap.

Katie Booth’s work has appeared in Indiana Review, Mid-American Review, The Fourth River and Vela, among other publications, and has received support from the Edward Albee Foundation, the Blue Mountain Center and the Massachusetts Historical Society. Her essay "The Sign for This" was selected as a notable essay in The Best American Essays 2016 and was adapted for NPR’s The Pulse. Her first book, The Performance of Miracles, will be published by Simon & Schuster.