Cover Photo: Tim Manley
Tim Manley

Teacher’s First April Fool’s Day

“Only then did the students maniacally grin. This had been their plan all along. I was cornered now, trapped.”

The Myth of Sisyphus

I’d accidentally revealed my true self: a scared baby barely holding it together. But it turned out the students knew all along, and didn’t really care. It was actually why they liked me.

Tim Manley is a writer, storyteller, and educator. He is the co-creator, co-director, and writer of The Feels, an online show about a bi guy with too many feelings; the writer and illustrator of Alice in Tumblr-land, published by Penguin and optioned for TV by 20th Century Fox; a storyteller featured on HBO's Girls, The Moth Radio Hour, Gimlet's Surprisingly Awesome, and in his FringeFAVE solo show, Feelings; and an educator with New York City's Showcase Schools program and elsewhere. He is online at @timtimmanley and