Cover Photo: photo by Stephen Dickter/flickr
photo by Stephen Dickter/flickr

Surviving Psych Med ​Changes and/or Withdrawal: an essay & guidebook for creative minds

“I felt like I was deep in a psychedelic trip.”


Sunday, May 1


King LearMrs. Dalloway

thatsort of

You are taking a Valium. You are now taking a Desipramine.

Saturday April 30

Here it comes.

You are taking a Valium.

Friday April 29

Wednesday, April 27


Luke B. Goebel is an author living in southern California. His debut novel won the Ronald Sukenick National Book Review Prize for Innovative Fiction and was twice recipient of Southern Methodist University’s Haute Young Author Prize. He is the recipient of a Joan Scott Memorial Fiction Award. He is Prose Editor of Autre Magazine, and his fiction, nonfiction, and words have appeared in Tin House, Fanzine, The American Reader, Electric Literature, The New York Tyrant, Elimae, and elsewhere. He is currently at work finishing his second novel, titled: P.S. We’re Blowing Up Los Angeles.