Cover Photo: In this photograph, we see blue sky and white cottony clouds reflecting off a tall, glassy office building. The imagine is divided into a checkerboard because of the window frames.
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Support Group

The blisters came two summers ago, after college. The biopsy came back inconclusive, so every month I go back to the office for a check-up.

I’m new to the group, just diagnosed. Anybody else have blisters?

Long time lurker, first time poster . . . does it make u tired when u have a flare?

My teeth are becoming discolored. Does anyone have recommendations for whitening products?

I have been suffering for a year from burning in the vulva area.

Are anyone’s lesions tingly? I am experiencing this for the first time on my thighs.

I have the marks all over my body. How long do they take to lighten?

Will I ever manage spicy food again?

I can’t stop scratching themCan anyone help me?Lord I pray for every person in this group, including myself

Wikham striae

Embrace uncertainty, live with mystery, make peace with ambiguity,

Does anybody else have this?I just made another appointment, I’m not imagining this, right?

I said I was going to wear a dress for my birthday and I did!!! I’m making peace with it, this will NOT define me.

We’re so lucky to be here,It’s so nice. We’re so lucky.

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