Cover Photo: "The Girl in the Moon" from Brown & Bigelow/Wikimedia Commons
"The Girl in the Moon" from Brown & Bigelow/Wikimedia Commons

Sister Moon

“Maria felt that everything had slowed down and she could finally breathe again. Until the night the moon disappeared.”

Where are you going? Take me with you

Illustration by Émile-Antoine Bayard and Alphonse de Neuville, via Wikimedia Commons

Te amo. Te amo. Lo siento.

Nicole Calande is from the Bay Area originally, but considers much of the West Coast to be home. She is a recent graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course and was a former intern at Catapult, Counterpoint, Soft Skull, and Tin House Books. Before getting into publishing, Nicole worked as a tour guide at the Winchester Mystery House.

When she isn't writing short stories or producing her queer horror podcast "Monsters Out of the Closet," she works as a brand writer and occasional bookseller in Portland, OR.

You can follow her (@NicoleCalande) and her podcast (@Pod_Monsters) on Twitter.