Cover Photo: Photograph by Marissa Harris/Unsplash
Photograph by Marissa Harris/Unsplash

Scorching, Smokeless Fire

Everything started when we were thirteen—young and learning to love the womanhood that our mothers forced upon us.


We were eating lunch and she shoved a few more bites of chicken and rice into her mouth, picking absently at the cartilage on the bones, before looking back up at me, “That’s what it meant.”




Vanessa Taylor (@bacontribe) is a freelance writer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She's interested in using a multi disciplinary approach to social justice, from on-the-grounds activism to finding accessible ways to educate community, with writing as a way to make sense of it all. Her work has appeared in Racked, Teen Vogue, Rise Up Review, and elsewhere. She is currently an Arts & Culture co-editor for Sapelo Square and a fellow for Muslim Wellness' inaugural DREL fellowship class.