Cover Photo: The AOL lego: a simple and flat illustration of what is meant to be a human running away
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When the Internet Still Felt Like a Place, I Went There to Forget About My Body

On the internet, I didn’t have a body. It was like astral projecting into a secret treehouse with other non-embodied weirdos.

The Simsknew a website

powerful sexual urgeshormones




social mediaWhat is everyone talking about right now?





I my responseI would be spending money to make myself more docile

be in the “real world” more

less time on the computer


Sarah Lyn Rogers is an NYC-based writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the editorial assistant for Soft Skull Press, a contributing editor for Catapult, and was formerly the fiction editor for The Rumpus. She is the author of Inevitable What (Sad Spell Press 2016), a poetry chapbook focused on magic and rituals, and was the 2014 winner of the Academy of American Poets' Virginia de Araujo prize. 

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