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J. Longo

Deal or No Deal: Why Being a Literary Agent Doesn’t Make It Easier to Write a Book

To all the wonderful would-be authors out there: Do as I say, not as I do.


You would be wrong.





Hey, want to represent me and these unwritten ideas I might finish one day?I’d

fairy godmother waving her magic wandThat could be good, but I need to see it on the page..

easyHey, could do that



It’ll be the same as today, except you’ll have more homework.


Kate McKean is certainly the real thing—she understands the need for narrative, for subtlety, for image. And I could tell there was a good heart behind her work. I really hope she continues to write, to read, to push her own parameters.


Kate McKean is Vice President and Literary Agent at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. She earned her master’s degree in fiction writing at the University of Southern Mississippi and began her publishing career at the University Press of Florida. In addition to working with clients, she is an adjunct professor at New York University.