Cover Photo: Illustration by Brian Rea for Catapult
Illustration by Brian Rea for Catapult

Parting the Sea, and Why the White Cane is a Symbol of Power, Not Helplessness

I felt that whipping out the white cane would irrevocably launch me into the kingdom of the blind, and, for many years, I did not want to go there.


The Most Dangerous Book


Photograph by Cathryn Lynne, courtesy of author

A Sense of the World,


Photograph by Alabaster Rhumb, courtesy of author


Frontiers of Justice

M. Leona Godin is a writer, actor, artist, and educator who is blind.

She is currently working on Seeing & Not-Seeing: A Personal and

Cultural History of Blindness with Pantheon Books. Godin founded

Aromatica Poetica as a venue for exploring the arts and sciences of

smell and taste, an online magazine not specifically for, but

welcoming to, blind readers and writers. She is proud to be a 2019

Logan Nonfiction Fellow.