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Mark Stevens/flickr

Of Spanish and My Grandmother

“Alzheimer’s had been pickpocketing her of a few memories each day until finally I was just a voice she couldn’t place.”

This is my grandma and me in her front yard with one of her many cats. I would sacrifice almost everything to relive this moment.

treat yourself

I’m doing great, Grandma.

It’s not my birthday yet.

Oh, I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.

New York is terrific.

I miss you, too.

Limón y Sal

Limón y Sal



Yes,I am dating that Mexican man

nine years


Raspas and conjunto music?Tacos and a stroll on the River Walk?Big Red margaritas?Window shopping atEl Mercado or La Villita?

I’m having a good time and hope this never ends

Ursula Villarreal-Moura was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Her writing has appeared in Tin House (online), Nashville Review, WhiskeyPaper, Bennington Review, Washington Square and Wigleaf Top 50. Her work has been nominated for Best of the Net, a Pushcart Prize, and long listed for Best American Short Stories 2015. On Twitter, she's @Ursulaofthebook