Cover Photo: A screenshot from the film Parasite (2019) depicting a family playing on the lawn outside of an angular, modern, minimalist house.
Screencap via Barunson E&A/CJ Entertainment

The New Haunted House Is a Symbol of the Housing Crisis

Beneath the veneer of desire and ambition lurks something darker—the grotesqueness of wealth and the violence it implies.



If you try to picture a haunted house, a house with ghosts whispering through the walls and sadists skulking in the corners, this is what you’ll probably imagine: creaky wooden floorboards, swinging orange light casting deep shadows, cobwebs and looming turrets. You’ll probably conjure up a building with deep history, massive and crumbling, hemorrhaging with the past. These Victorian-era mansions are the quintessential horror houses; just do a quick internet search for “haunted house” and you’ll be greeted by hundreds of images of the towering mid-late-nineteenth-century constructions.

PsychoThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Invisible ManGoodnight MommyGretel & Hansel

Ex MachinaUs

ParasiteThe Invisible ManGoodnight Mommy

The Night HouseThe Night HouseThe Night House

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