Cover Photo: A mosquito
Photograph by Yogesh Pedamkar/Unsplash

Facing Crises—and Mosquitoes—at Home in Osaka

If you’re looking at something, you don’t know where it’s going; if you know where it’s going, you don’t know where it is.

Wait, did I get the dates wrong for the lockdown?

Love Actually

Is there any air circulation happening here?

Oh, that’s why I thought my ears were ringing.



But I ambecause

There it goes! A home run! Get it!!!!


Non Kuramoto is an iconic feminist-art-queer. A writer, comedian - a jester. She speaks truth wrapped in colorful, wrapping paper that is fun for everyone to open. She is a slut for all art-forms, dipping toes and mixing-and-matching in any way that she sees fit; Stand up, playwriting, music, sketch comedy, visual art, whatever works. She has shared laughter and space at Diverse AF Festival, Persisticon, NYC Sketchfest, Nasty Women Unite Fest, SOLOCOM and more. She will hold your hand as we escape together from the land of should and run towards lands of would and could.