Cover Photo: A photograph of the author's son, face obscured, wearing a unicorn hoodie and running around in a lush wooded backyard
Photograph courtesy of the author

He’s Starting School at Home, But I’m Just Happy He’s Here

Nothing in my son’s life has gone according to plan. Why would school be any different?

I’m just happy he’s hereI love you

What was your first day like? How did you know what to do? Were you scared? Bored? What was it like to make new friends?

Where the Wild Things AreI’m just happy he’s here.

I’m just happy he’s here.

Melody Schreiber is a freelance journalist who has reported from nearly every continent, covering everything from the effects of climate change on mental health in the Arctic to the changing tides of livelihoods in the Chesapeake Bay. Her articles, essays, and reviews have been published by The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Atlantic, STAT News, The Toast, and elsewhere; and her fiction has appeared in District Lines, Magical: An Anthology, and Abundant Grace. Her anthology about premature birth, What We Didn't Expect, will be published in November 2020.