Cover Photo: A photograph of two tarot cards laid out on a dusty charcoal surface, surrounded by loose cards and crystals. The cards depict "The Witch" and "The Lifegiver."
Photograph courtesy of the author

Divining New Models of Femininity from the Tarot

There are many ways to be a woman, many ways to be a mother, many ways to be a whore.

You’ll change your mind. womanly duty to go forth and multiply


Mail my uterus to Mitch McConnellHe would appreciate it more than I do.

Women are meant to serve, not to strive.


Roe v. Wadeyou’ll change your mind


Meg Jones Wall is a queer tarot reader, photographer, writer, and the creator of 3am.tarot, and her first book, Finding the Fool: A Tarot Journey to Radical Transformation, is forthcoming from Weiser Books in March 2023. She is a columnist for Autostraddle, has contributed to WIRED, Astrology Answers, and Witchology Magazine, and lives in Brooklyn.