Cover Photo: An illustration of a young man watching a film in the movie theater; the screen is framed by rainbow curtains; projected onto the screen is a still from the French film '8 femmes'
Illustration by Levi Hastings for Catapult/Canal +

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel: Loving the Feminine Glamour of ‘8 femmes’

Ozon’s attention to an archly stylized femininity in ‘8 femmes’ spoke to my own idea of what my own gayness could and would be.

This is Your Life, Santa Claus—

Bugsy Malone, Oliver Twist, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland.

Place for Us: Essay on the Broadway Musical

you know . . .

8 femmes

8 femmes

Law of Desire Hercules 8 femmes

8 femmes

Now, Voyager

8 femmes

The Women

8 femmesbeas Gabyas Catherine Deneuve.

8 femmes,

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