Cover Photo: Kathy Leissner, 1962. All photos courtesy of Nelson Leissner.
Kathy Leissner, 1962. All photos courtesy of Nelson Leissner.

Listening to Kathy

For the Leissner family, domestic terror had a private face.

peau de soie

a person

Joker is Wild

He’s really special to me.”

I sure do hate to leave Texas . . .”


In several hundred pages of letters during this period, Kathy’s voice has been preserved, revealing her isolation as well as her brave face. The correspondence was a crucial lifeline during a time when she did not have a phone. “You don’t know how much better they make me feel,” Kathy wrote, referring to her mother’s letters and pictures that spring. “I’ve worn them out already.”

GiantTo Kill a Mockingbird

Gulf Coast Tribune,

The Ugly American

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