Cover Photo: Let Me Do My Show: My Life with Billy Joel by J. Robert Lennon

Let Me Do My Show: My Life with Billy Joel

“Billy Joel is the clown prince of my middle age.”

New York Times


Mary and Robert Stein in 1968

TurnstilesStreetlife Serenade

Streetlife Serenade

Streetlife Serenade

Streetlife Serenade

TurnstilesSongs in the Attic

TurnstilesStreetlife SerenadeTurnstiles


The author at 14


Yeah, this stuff’s pretty stupid, but we’re all havin’ a good time!

Hey, I can play guitar too! Hey, people are cheering for me, too!!Hey look! I can attract a hot woman too! I actually married one! In fact, I fucked her! That’s where the baby came from!

River of DreamsFantasies and Delusions

The New Yorker

Glass Houses

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J. Robert Lennon is the author of two story collections, Pieces For The Left Hand and See You in Paradise, and eight novels, including Mailman, Familiar and Broken River. He’s the editor of Okey-Panky.

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