Cover Photo: And image of an optimistic and racially diverse team of young hockey players with their boyishly handsome coach
Photograph by Walt Disney Pictures

‘The Mighty Ducks’ Movies Taught Me How to Survive a Pandemic

I’ve found an unavoidable kinship with the Ducks. It could be, at least in my estimation, a quintessentially black American story.

bless you

immunocompromisedpreexisting lung conditionsdisproportionately affects people over sixty

I love you


And have you been taking your medication


Well, why not?

I couldn’t afford it

W-what we can afford doesn’t matter. What can you do for her ,

Hey,We have an HBO GO free trial for five more days.

MotocrossedRemember the TitansThe Mighty Ducks.

The Mighty Ducks

I’ve tempted fate and emerged victorious

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