Cover Photo: A text message being typed out to spell "hore," an Indonesian word, as the autocorrect attempts to change the word to the English "horse"
Photo illustration by Catapult

Autocorrect Is Not Your Mother

Though tech assists so much of our daily communication, it’s not omniscient. Nor is it any kind of authority in our lives.

This isDialek :: Dialect, a column by Khairani Barokka on language, culture, and power.

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Algorithms of Oppression


Khairani Barokka is an Indonesian writer and artist in London, whose work has been presented extensively, in fifteen countries. She is Researcher-in-Residence at UAL's Decolonising the Arts Institute, and Modern Poetry in Translation’s Inaugural Poet-In-Residence. Among Okka’s honours, she was an NYU Tisch Departmental Fellow and is a UNFPA Indonesian Young Leader Driving Social Change. Okka is  co-editor of STAIRS AND WHISPERS: d/DEAF AND DISABLED POETS WRITE BACK (Nine Arches), author-illustrator of INDIGENOUS SPECIES (Tilted Axis), and author of debut poetry collection ROPE (Nine Arches).