Cover Photo: A photo of Alton Brown on the set of Good Eats, holding a tiny avocado gently, like an egg or baby, looking at it pensively through his '90s glasses. (The avocado is small, but perhaps the size of his head in direct comparison creates an optical illusion?)
Still from 'Good Eats'/Food Network

Alton Brown Made Cooking More Approachable, One Prop at a Time

It was a corny, educational joy, as if Bill Nye and Monty Python had teamed up to teach America how to cook.

Ed, Edd & Eddy and

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Good Eats

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Cutthroat Kitchen

Nobody else in food television devoted such thought to the academic elements of cooking—the science and historical research that were, he argued, critical to the mastery of even basic processes.

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Iron Chef AmericaCutthroat Kitchen Lord of the Flies

Cutthroat Kitchen Good Eats Cutthroat Kitchen Good Eats

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Good Eats: The Return deep-chilled frozen

His Cutthroat Kitchen host’s persona may be cruel in a way that his Good Eats persona is not, but does that make it either more or less authentic?

Good Eats Good Eats Good Eats

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