Cover Photo: Photo by Vincent/flickr
Photo by Vincent/flickr

Frozen Ground: On Reporting a Statutory Rape Twenty Years Later

“I wonder if we’re all self-possessed marionettes, our strings on the inside.”

Imagine your body ethereal, floating up to the ceiling, moving around the corners of the room.


Mother, gonna take your daughter out tonight

Father, gonna show her the power

statutory rape


Someone should’ve protected you,

Maybe a different girl’s parents caught him in bed with their under-aged daughter? Maybe he put a man in the hospital?

Purple HazeYeah, that’s who I am.

rape crisis services,I’m not the kind of person who calls a rape hotline.

I want to do this for me.



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Jennilie Brewster is co-creator of the writers' conversation series The Hustle. Her recent fellowships include the Ucross Foundation and the Vermont Studio Center’s Swann Fellowship for a writer who’s also a painter. A resident of Roosevelt Island in New York City, she’s working on a book about landscape and trauma. 

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