Cover Photo: In this illustration, we are looking across the Brooklyn Bridge from the backseat of a taxi cab. We can see the driver and the front of the cab and beyond the windshield we see the bridge and a shoreline filled with bright buildings. Everything is in deep pinks and purples, like a dark and insulated winter night. In the rearview mirror we see the outlines of two people about to kiss.
Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult

Fifty Last Dates

Back then I genuinely believed that every next man was the last one.

Sesame Street

I could make myself love you.

Clancy Tripp is a Midwest-based writer, graphic artist, and humorist.  Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Electric Literature, Slice, Reductress and The Rumpus. She has won the 2020 Iowa Review Award in Nonfiction (judged by Leslie Jamison) and the 2021 Witness Literary Award in Nonfiction (judged by Cinelle Barnes). She is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at the Ohio State University. Find her on Twitter @TheUnrealTripp or at