Cover Photo: a heap of spaghetti  noodles tossed with mushrooms, garlic, and topped with what appears to be shredded seaweed, resting in a shallow blue and white striped bowl
Photograph by Ocdp/Wikimedia Commons

For Anxious Loneliness: A Recipe for Mushroom Wafu Spaghetti

In adolescence, weekend lunches meant fending for ourselves. On certain Saturdays, my sister and I ate wafu spaghetti together.

This is Half Recipes, a narrative recipe column by Nina Coomes on what it means to feed and care for yourself and those you love.



Nina Li Coomes is a Japanese and American writer, currently living in Chicago, IL. Her writing has appeared in EATER, The  Collapsar, and  RHINO Poetry among other places. Her debut chapbook haircut poems was published by Dancing Girl Press in 2017.