Cover Photo: A sampling of nine special-edition journals published during the Durga Puja holidays, which heavily feature novellas.
Photograph courtesy of the author

An Ode to the Great Undead Novella

Where I lived and grew up, the novella was never endangered.

New Yorker,Southwest Reviewnot

Three Famous Short Novels

Scribner’sThe Hamlet (Harper’sSaturday Evening PostGo Down, Moses

Three Short Novels

Michigan Quarterly Review


In Search of a God (Asom Bani, In Search of a God

The House With a Thousand Stories Stone People (Dainik Janasadharan,How to Tell the Story of an InsurgencyThe River’s Curve Ajir Daik Batori

Stone People’

The River’s CurveMelodies and Guns—

Samironor Pasot,, Lightspeed Magazine, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Binti: The Complete Trilogy ,Binti , Home ,The Night Masquerade

MitkoTheGriffith Review,Alaska Quarterly Review Idaho ReviewThe Massachusetts Review

Who Killed Palomino MoleroThe Late Bourgeois World,The Chronicle of a Death ForetoldThe Day the Leader Was Killed

Aruni Kashyap is an Assamese writer and translator. An Associate Professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Georgia, he is the author of two books of fiction: The House With a Thousand Stories and His Father's Disease. There Is No Good Time for Bad News is his first poetry collection.  You can find more of his work on and on Instagram/ Twitter @arunikashyap