Cover Photo: A GIF of a figure standing silhouetted at the end of an alley, scratching their head as if bemused. Around them, a dense bright wall of billboards and signs rise up on either side, flashing words like "Hey" and "Hurry" and "Act Now" and "Sale" in bright, garish letters.
Illustration by Sirin Thada for Catapult

Why Advertising Feels Like a Form of Urban Pollution

The problem isn’t encountering text, or even a lot of it. It’s the text that we encounter, the how and why of its coming to be.

No standing? Really?


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Alex Manley is a Montreal/Tiohtià:ke writer and editor. Their recent works include an English-language translation of Daphné B.’s Maquillée (Made-Up: A True Story of Beauty Culture Under Late Capitalism, Coach House Books, 2021) and a forthcoming book on contemporary manhood (The New Masculinity: A Roadmap for a 21st-Century Definition of Manhood, ECW Press, 2023).