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Sophie Lucido Johnson

A More Perfect Love

“Isn’t there love that exists beyond ‘friendship’ and outside of ‘lover’?”

I met Hannah in an airport. We were flying to Arizona, where we were both going to a summerlong new teacher training; she recognized me from a preliminary session we’d attended earlier that week in New Orleans. I found myself attracted to her in a way that is difficult to describe. It wasn’t a romantic crush, exactly, but my stomach lurched forward when she spoke to me, sort of as if I was going to give a speech in front of full auditorium. I found myself hanging on her words; her company was familiar and warm. She laughed effortlessly and made eye contact; she brushed my shoulder with her hand purposefully when she responded to me. I was scared of her.

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Of course,Those are the girls she’s meant to be friends with.

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Who would do that?

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lovedDawson’s Creek), but I didn’t really want to lie in bed with him on Sunday mornings and muse about my sadness. No one was everything to me all at once, and it took me years to realize that that was okay. In fact, it’s as normal as not always ordering the same thing off the menu at the neighborhood Italian restaurant.

OK; next time, I don’t have to go to a show like this. My boyfriend can find another friend or lover who likes this kind of thing, and that doesn’t have to make our relationship any less wonderful.

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