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Sara Tatyana Bernstein, PhD writes about fashion and culture. Places you can find her work include The Outline, BuzzFeed Reader, and Racked. She is also editor and co-founder of Dismantle Magazine: Fashion, Popular Culture, Social Change. Sara's MA in Visual Culture: Costume Studies is from NYU. Her PhD in Cultural Studies is from UC Davis. She teaches at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR.


Cover Photo: Courtesy of Lesley Timpe of Squasht Boutique
An Ode to Poorly Lit Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms were only special because of how we used them to quietly become human.

Cover Photo: Dress by Mr. Larkin
Why Your Grandma’s Housecoat is the Perfect Work-From-Home Outfit

We fall prey to letting writing become a passion, cooking a hobby, teaching a service. We must rethink how we value labor.