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I  am a retired nurse and lawyer and a writer with an MFA (concentration in fiction) from U Tampa . My husband and I  live in upstate NY near Albany with our big dog Hattie. Our 30-year-old daughter, who lives four miles away,  just started a career as a high school English teacher in an underserved district and she loves it. It is hard to believe my elderly mother is still alive with so many chronic diseases. She lives three hours away in NJ and  is undergoing surgery next week. I am having  trouble eating.  I am afraid she is going to die, yet I know she must at some point. I have many fears--about the world, our country, my state, immigrants,  poor people, people of color, women, my family, both immediate and extended, and so many others. I have many obsessions and am told by my therapist that I am way on the high end of being incredibly emotional and sensitive.  I hurt a lot, and I rejoice a lot. For six happy years, I owned a local independent bookshop where I found "my people. " The bookstore went under, but "my people " remain.  I have a love/hate relationship with writing.