Rainesford Stauffer

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Rainesford Stauffer is a writer, Kentuckian, and author of An Ordinary Age.


Cover Photo: Photograph by Jordan Whitfield/Unsplash
My Mom’s Pandemic Piano Taught Me You Can Always “Find Yourself”

It was the first time I’d ever noticed growth or newness this way: reclaiming, or returning, rather than overhauling and chasing.

Cover Photo: Photograph by  Joshua Hoehne/Unsplash
The Obsession with “Getting Ahead” in Your Twenties Is Failing Young People

Why do we need measuring sticks like college and marriage and leaving home to track our worth?

Cover Photo: Photograph by Kaylah Matthews/Unsplash
To All the Coffeeshops I’ve Called Home

I drove past the third places that I’d grown up in and, through the eyes of an adult, saw a person shaped by spaces that are in-between.