Information On Covid 19 Tuition Breaks, Payment Plans, And Scholarships

Catapult is committed to making our programs accessible to all writers. To that end, we offer a variety of different scholarship and payment options for our courses.

Covid-19 Tuition Breaks

We continue to offer a 20% tuition break for any student who has lost income due to the ongoing pandemic. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

We offer interest-free payment plans, splitting tuition into installments, for all courses. To set up a payment plan, please email [email protected] with the name of the class you'd like to sign up for.

Class-Specific Scholarships

Some instructors offer scholarships to their classes. For more details, including criteria and information about how to apply, which varies course to course, please see the course pages.

Currently, the following classes are accepting scholarship applications:

-Danielle Lazarin's Your Writing Practice Beyond Word Count & Workshop

-Jenessa Abrams'  Bending Language for Beginners and Intermediates

-Margo Steines' Writing the Braided Essay 

-Margo Steines' Writing the Body

-Hannah Greico's 4 Drafts in 4 Weeks

-Jordan Koluch's Copyediting Seminar

-Jenna Tang's Learning from Taiwanese Literature

-Jenessa Abrams' Writing the Family

-Courtney Maum's Book Deal Toolkit Review  (a consultation option attached to this independent study)

Partnerships with Other Organizations

Every year, we also partner with a cohort of nonprofit literary organizations that serve particular groups historically underrepresented in the literary world, in order to provide scholarship grants as part of their fellowship programs.

Recent partnerships have been with:

- The Undocupoets Fellowship

- The Asian American Writers' Workshop Margins Fellowship

- PERIPLUS Collective  (apply)

Chautauqua Writers' Festival Cave Canem + CantoMundo Fellowships


Please free to reach out to [email protected]. We hope to see you in class soon!