Frequently Asked Questions About Classes

Where are classes located? All in-person classes meet in our offices in Manhattan, at 1140 Broadway, Suites 704 and 706. If you’re registered for an online class, you will receive an email asking you to link your account to the class after you complete your payment. We’ll send out more information about a week before your class starts.

What do online classes entail?

Our online classes take place on a custom-built platform. Using our system, youll be able to view your reading assignments, provide in-line commenting on pieces that are up for workshop, and view instructor and student feedback prior to beginning your own revisions. Each week, the instructor also leads a live text chat for group discussion. Please note: our online courses do not include video streaming at this time.

For more information about online classes please watch the video below:

How many times will I be workshopped?

In each multi-week workshop, every student is workshopped at least twice. Everyone also meets once with the instructor outside of class. For online classes, this meeting takes place over the phone.

I have never taken a writing class before. Can I still take a Catapult class?

You dont need to have any prior workshop experience to take one of Catapult’s classes! We offer courses at a variety of levels, for beginners as well as writers with plentiful workshop experience.

I want to take a class but I don’t know which is right for me. Does Catapult offer advising or can I talk to someone about what course is right for me?

We’d love to help you choose a class. Send an email to Colin Drohan and Stella Cabot Wilson and we can help you determine which class would be the best fit.

What are the differences between class levels?

You’ll notice that some of our classes are labeled intermediate, advanced, or master class. These classes are still open to all writers, however might be more fitted for those further along in their study. If you have any questions about whether an intermediate, advanced, or master class will be a good fit for you, be in touch and we can help you out.

I am having trouble paying the workshop balance, but I would still like to enroll in a Catapult class. Are there payment plans available?

Payment plans are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Stella Cabot Wilson if you require a payment plan.

The class I'd like to take requires a writing sample. How long should it be?

Writing samples should be approximately 2,000 words.

I applied. When will I hear back?

Depending on the competitiveness of the course, your wait may vary. Our workshops are filled on a rolling basis, so as soon as we receive your application, we send it to the instructor. They get back to us after reading each application thoroughly, and then well let you know if youve been accepted. Generally, you’ll hear back within a couple weeks of submitting your application.

When will I be put in touch with my instructor?

After you’re accepted and have paid your deposit, we’ll put you in touch with your instructor and workshop cohort about a week prior to the first class. At that point, they will tell what, if anything, you’re expected to prepare for your first day.

Who do I contact if I have to miss a class?

If you have to miss a class, please let your instructor know as soon as possible.

I have to drop a class. What do I do?

If you have to drop your class, please let us know as soon as possible. The last day to get a full refund is ten days prior to the start date of your course. After that but before the class begins, we are only able to offer a 50% refund. If the class has already started and you need to drop, you are ineligible for a refund.

If I take a Catapult class will Catapult publish me?

As much as we believe in all our studentswriting, at this time we are unable to guarantee any form of publication. Submissions for alumni to our web magazine are open year-round, and we encourage you to submit.

Can I ask Catapult faculty and staff to write me a letter of recommendation for grad school/residencies/etc? Feel free to ask your instructor if youd like them to write you a letter of recommendation. They can speak to your writing and class behavior more than we can!

Any other questions?

Email us: [email protected] and [email protected]