Nour Naas

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Nour Naas is a Libyan writer from Vallejo, California. She is a VONA/Voices fellow whose work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Catapult, The Establishment, Huffington Post, SBS Australia, and New Moons: Contemporary Writing by North American Muslims Anthology, among others. She also has a feature in the storytelling podcast, This Is Actually Happening.

She is currently at work on a memoir exploring her grief in the aftermath of her mother's death and the Libyan revolution.


Cover Photo: Eid al Adha prayer in Qatrun, Libya, 2015 / photo courtesy of Abdulhadi Soliman
TinyLetter of the Month: Nour Naas, “Absence”

“to hear the arabic phrases i haven’t heard since mama died, and to remember so much from them. to feel loved because i feel seen.”

Nov 02, 2017