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Niko is a writer of transsexual experience, based in Toronto. Her work has been featured in SPIN, Paper, Bitch, Xtra and more. She lives with her fiancee, two cats and one dog. She is a Cancer.


Cover Photo: A screenshot of Shirley Manson, the lead singer of Garbage, from their music video "Androgynous." Manson is sitting on the ground with slicked-back hair, wearing a  shirt, tie and suit jacket with sheer tights and heeled boots.
“The Queerest of the Queer”: Listening to Garbage in the Nineties

I listened to the lead singer, Shirley Manson, play what I understood as masculine and feminine in the same hand.

Jan 24, 2022
Cover Photo: A screenshot of Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of the band Green Day, from their music video "Basket Case." Armstrong has dark hair and is staring directly at the camera against an electric blue background. Around his face are graphics of pink and orange fish and green eyeballs.
The Unsung Queerness of Green Day Lyrics

Green Day’s album ‘Dookie’ is a quintessential teen-angst record. It’s also very queer—something music critics failed to talk about.

Dec 07, 2021