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Mo Perry is a freelance writer and actor in Minneapolis. Her work has appeared in publications including The AtlanticCatapult, Star TribuneExperience Life, Delta Sky, Minnesota Monthly, and more. As an actor, she has worked on nearly every professional stage in the Twin Cities. Mo is a member of the Artist Core of Ten Thousand Things Theater and a board member of Rain Taxi Review of Books. She also runs a boutique writing and editing agency, Logosphere Storysmiths, with her husband Quinton.


Cover Photo: illustration of two hands in a lab, mixing "solutions" in beakers: one beaker contains a father and two children, in profile; the other beaker contains a woman who is being added to the first.
My Journey from “Spare Parent” to Stepparent

If there was one thing I was clearly not cut out for, it was being a stepmom.

Jan 21, 2020
Cover Photo: Courtesy of @littlespottedfawn on Instagram
I Stopped Dyeing My Gray Hair as an Act of Resistance

Beauty and its pursuit can be art, a delight, a terrific party. But a party you must attend every day isn’t a party at all. It’s an unpaid job.

Sep 06, 2018