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Minda Honey is a Louisville, KY-based writer. Her essays have been featured in “Burn It Down: Women Writing About Anger” (Seal Press) and in the Hub City Press collection, “A Measure of Belonging: Writers of Color on the New American South,” and the forthcoming “Sex and the Single Girl: Reinventing Helen Gurley Brown’s Cult Classic” (Harper Perennial). She is at work on her debut essay collection, “An Anthology of Assholes,” about dating as a woman of color in Southern California due out by Little A summer 2023.


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Cover Photo: In this still from Missy Elliott's music video for "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)," we see Missy Elliott posing in front of a strange silver spiral--like an entrance to a wormhole. Missy is wearing a hat and sunglasses, reminiscent of a biking helmet and racing goggles, and a large puffy black jacket. She wears dark lipstick and her mouth is open, as if mid-lyric
Writing Is Time Travel

My writing gives the validation my younger self will need to believe in me, for me, during the years between now and when I won’t know how.

Apr 19, 2021