Migueltzinta Solís

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Migueltzinta was raised in Mexico and California. He writes across several genres and works in various other mediums including performance, video and installation. His favored themes include questions of power, gender, territory, perversity, institutional intrigue and the Wild West. He identifies as Mestizxxx. His work has appeared in The Indiana Review and Midnight Breakfast, among others. He lives in a small town in Alberta, and is very gay and very trans.


Cover Photo: Photographs by Tobi Gaulke/Flickr and Nikita Tikhomirov/Unsplash; photo illustration by Matt Ortile
Men Who Sing the Music of the Night

When it was over, Myrrh clapped as much for their own feat of love as for their partner’s artistic accomplishment. They were proud and pleased—and then came the man who sang “The Music of the Night.”