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Michele Kirichanskaya is a freelance journalist and writer from Brooklyn, New York. A student of the New School MFA Program and Hunter College, when she is not writing, she is reading, watching an absurd amount of cartoons, and creating content for platforms like GeeksOUT, Bitch Media, Salon, The Mary Sue, ComicsVerse, and more. Her work can be found here and on Twitter @MicheleKiricha1.


Cover Photo: Illustration via Zodiak Kids and Family Studio France
This Cartoon Will Help You Rethink Your Definition of Intimacy

The show went a step further than other cartoons of the time: It showed young women intentionally building a life together.

Cover Photo: Screencap via Disney
Confessions of a Little Mermaid

The taste of silence and salt heavy on my tongue.

Cover Photo: Photograph by Axel Drainville/Flickr
The Next Stop Is: Brighton Beach

I love our Little Odessa because it is the closest approximation to a home I will never really know.