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Mallory Soto is Catapult Magazine’s Assistant Editor.


Cover Photo: An image of Nadia Owusu against a green background, looking directly ahead, hands folded. She is wearing maroon nail polish and glossy lipstick. The cover of AFTERSHOCKS: A MEMOIR floats near her right.
Nadia Owusu on Writing and the Work of Staying Hopeful

“I was grateful for the beauty and for the reminders that there are seasons; that things change gradually and also suddenly.”

Feb 03, 2021
Cover Photo: A photo of the author, Alice Wong, looking into the camera. She is sitting in her wheelchair, wearing a blue shirt covered in a geometric pattern of yellow, orange, white, and black and her breathing apparatus. She is wearing red lipstick and smiling knowingly yet mysteriously at the reader.
Alice Wong on Activism, Community, and Writing

“I feel such rage—and it clarified what is important to me and what I want to write about.”

Jan 27, 2021
Cover Photo: Maxine Hong Kingston and Morgan Parker/Photos: Paul Mandebaum and Rachel Eliza Griffiths
Writing Prompt: Who Are Your Literary Heroes?

They say “Never meet your heroes”, but it makes for a great story.

Dec 12, 2017