Laura Turner

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Laura Turner is a writer living in San Francisco.


Cover Photo: photo via Habeeba Sultan/flickr
Why Faith Is No Substitute for Honesty About Mental Health

“We could wrap our heads around theology and bullshit around a bonfire. What we never had was a vocabulary for fear.”

Jun 07, 2017
Cover Photo: Amy Adams in 'Arrival' (2016)
On Miscarriage, Anxiety, and the Burden of Hope

“To have hope in the presence of suffering and constant anxiety can feel impossible.”

May 03, 2017
Cover Photo: Naomi {} / image via flickr
How Do You Inherit Anxiety?

Inheritance comes to us in many forms. Some jagged treasures we choose for ourselves.

Apr 05, 2017
Cover Photo: photo by Dave Seidman/flickr
Anxiety for Highly Productive People

“When I am anxious, I often think I can produce my way out of it.”

Mar 01, 2017
Cover Photo: View from the New Camaldoli Hermitage
Contemplating Death at the Edge of the Continent

I do not feel that I choose the fear so much as it chooses me.

Jan 11, 2017