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Katie Okamoto’s work has appeared in The Atlantic, Bon Appétit, BuzzFeed Reader, Catapult, Lucky Peach, Metropolis, Newsweek, The Rumpus, TASTE, VICE, and elsewhere. She participated in the 2020 Tin House Summer Workshop for non-fiction and memoir and is at work on a book of essays. Formerly, she was the senior editor at Metropolis, the architecture and design magazine, in New York City. She currently lives in Los Angeles. 


Cover Photo: A pair of hands cleaning a pot with a Kamenoko Tawashi, or a turtle brush—it is made out of natural fibers, resembling a fuzzy donut
An Ode to the Kamenoko Tawashi, the Turtle Brush

Natural, natural, everything natural. I’m a sucker for it, Shinto-ish environmentalist and object-worshipper that I am.

Jan 04, 2021