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Jake Pitre is a freelance writer and academic based in Ottawa, Ontario. His work has appeared in Pitchfork, Real Life,  Buzzfeed News, the Globe and Mail, Lapham's Quarterly, the Outline, and Hazlitt.


Cover Photo: Photograph by Matt Midboe/Flickr; animation by Matt Ortile
The Weird, the Nerdy, the Horny: What Tumblr Gave Us Before It Changed for the Worse

Our lives are lived online, and to ask us to exist homogeneously across all platforms and networks as trackable subjects is a cruel twist of the internet’s potential.

Feb 04, 2019
Cover Photo: Courtesy of Gibraltar Productions
How Truthful Depictions of Suicidal Ideation Help Me Resist My Own

If we’re going to spend so much time with suicide in pop culture, I do believe we are owed an honest reckoning with what ideation is, as well as depictions that are truthful rather than dangerous.

Sep 10, 2018