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My book "Glass Slippers: A Journey of Mental Illness" is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. You can also contact me directly at [email protected] Follow me on Instagram for writings @moonflickerstone or check out my Blog, www.welcometothegrit.squarespace.com


Cover Photo: Heron, Raven, Red-tailed Hawk Feathers
Bungalow In Boston

She sat at her phone, sucked in by the neon light.

Cover Photo: All You Need Is Less by Emily LeClair Metcalf
Cover Photo: Photo by Emily Metcalf
Walk the Moon

The distance and the difference between us is just illusion

Cover Photo: Image on Cover of Glass Slippers
Glass Slippers

And she flies freely into the world

Cover Photo: Diving Under by Emily LeClair Metcalf
Diving Under

This is the doorway into revelation, self healing.

Cover Photo: Cracked Glass by Emily LeClair Metcalf
Cracked Glass

Last night I smashed a glass bottle on the Boos Block

Cover Photo: Journey Beyond Time by Emily LeClair Metcalf
Journey Beyond Time

The veil is thin, I am transcending so much.

Cover Photo: I see you by Emily LeClair Metcalf
I see you

...he is on the long journey of reconnecting with his penis.

Cover Photo: Strength  by Emily LeClair Metcalf

Somehow losing myself, fighting for solid ground against wells of grief and tears, forgetting my name, being caged and medicated, allowed me to find reality.

Cover Photo: Spring Flowers on Lopez, Photo by Emily

The bones of this body holding form, keeping me erect, the skin of this body hugging my form and connecting me to the wind, the ethos, the planet and God.